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Chinese Fungus

Denmark's largest selection of Chinese and Japanese fungus!

Mycoherbs fungus products are produced at K'an Herb Company in California, one of the largest manufacturers of herbal and fungicide drugs in the United States.
The fungi are grown in a closed greenhouse environment without the use of pesticides or additives. All products are tested at independent laboratories for heavy metal content, bacteria, pesticides, etc. In addition, each product reviews a toxicological (toxic) assessment.

Most fungus products on the market are based on common dried mushrooms, grown in sawdust. Mycoherbs fungus are developed on organic brown rice or corn and extracted through advanced technology that provides optimum strength and effective bioaccessibility.

The founder of Mycoherb, Andrew H. Miller, has collected the first fungal spores all over Asia, and in addition to monitoring the production of fungi, he writes books about their medical properties. He is today one of the United States greatest competencies in fungal medicine.

Medical fungi are famous for their ability to enhance blood quality, life energy and resilience. The fungi recreate our strengths and balance. The fungi are classified as adaptogens; i.e. that they contain substances that strengthen our immune system, especially by stimulating the production of red and white blood cells and extending their life cycle. The red blood cells transport oxygen while the white blood cells (including macrophages and T cells) are responsible for the neutralization of viruses, bacteria, carcinogens (carcinogens), parasites and pollen. The fungi do not directly destroy the pathogens, but stimulate the immune system to recognize and control foreign invaders.

Chinese and Japanese medical fungus have been appreciated for millennia because they are said to counteract premature aging and prevent disease while lifting and developing our spiritual dimensions. Already in the early 40's, live fungi were harvested in China by the Japanese fungi researcher Dr. Tsuneto YoShi, after first searching all over Asia for the most vital medical fungi. In the early 1970s, biologist Malcolm Clark started his pioneer work with Dr. Yoshi. Together they studied the secrets of ideal growth conditions for the fungi and developed an effective biological method to cultivate the most potent of these wild mushrooms in the United States.
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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items