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Reishi Forte (Reishi+Shiitake)

Available in liquid form or capsules.

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Mixing Tonic:
Consists of Reishi and Shiitake.

ReishiForte is considered one of the most effective qi tonics, which at the same time reassures and develops our spiritual nature. ReisiForte is considered one of the most effective combinations for stimulating our immune system. Can be used as a daily tonic for strengthening the blood, resilience, digestion, and for the development of mental stability and high physical vitality. ReishiForte is also an optimal antioxidant.

Recommended daily intake: 40 - 90 drops.

Duties: Nutritional supplements should not replace the varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Should only be agreed with a doctor or healthcare professional if use by pregnant women or children under 1 year.

Store dry and not in direct sunlight.

Chinese Medicine:
Strengthens Blood, Qi and our protective Qi. Cleans mucus accumulation. Strengthens kidneys, heart, liver, stomach and intestines (5 elements). Lift up our spiritual energy.

Temperature Effect:
Neutral to easy heating.

5 taste:
Weak bitter and sweet.

Ling zhi 
Common Name
Reishi mycelium and fruiting body          
Shiitake mycelium and fruiting boNonedy

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