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Yao Tong Pian

Energy relations:
Water and Wood element. Subenergy in the kidney Yang, blood stagnation, blockage due to wind / moisture / cold.

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Pale, reddish purple, thin white or no coating.

Fine, wiry and possibly choppy.

Dang gui shen
Du zhong
Bai zhu
Bu gu zhi
Huai niu xi
Tu si zi
Xu duan
Mu gua
Ru xiang
Du huo
Qiang huo
Gui zhi
Common Name
Dong quai root
Eucommia bark
White atractylodes rhizome
Psoralea fruit
Achyranthes root
Chinese dodder seed
Sichuan teasel root
Chinese quince fruit
Frankincense resin
Pubescent angelica root
Notopterygium root and rhizome
Chinese cinnamon twig

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