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Arouse Vigor


Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

Energy relations:
Exhaustion of foundation Qi (innate Qi essence). Underactive spleen / stomach Qi. Yang Qi is sinking (descending), it causes Yin to rise upward. Retracted (weak) spleen awareness.

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Pale and swollen. Sometimes more pale / violet color.

Generally thin, weak, soft or large and empty. The pulse image discussion also describes the pulse as large and floating or tense and slow and rough at deep pressure. The lower pulse (Shen pulse) is often empty or weakened.

Huang qi
Dang gui shen
Hong ren shen
Sheng ma
Chai hu
Bai zhu
Zhi gan cao
Chen pi
Common Name
Astragalus root
Dong quai root
Chinese red ginseng root and rhizome
Cimicifuga rhizome
Bupleurum root
White atractylodes rhizome
Honey fried Chinese licorice root and rhizome
Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit

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