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Gui Pi Tang.

Energy relations:
Subenergy in spleen Qi, weakened heart blood, exhaustion of spleen awareness (spirit), uneasy heart consciousness (Spirit-Shen).

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Pale depending on the relationship between sub-energy Qi and blood, the tongue can fluctuate between moist, dry and wet.

As a rule, weak heart rate, but depending on the balance between Qi and blood, many variations may be weak, thin, empty, greasy, moderate or good.

Yuan zhi
Huang qi
Bai zhu
Fu shen mu
Chao suan zao ren
Long yan rou
Hong ren shen
Dang gui shen
Mu xiang
Zhi gan cao
Gan jiang
Hong zao
Common Name
Polygala root
Astragalus root
White atractylodes rhizome
Poria with wood root
Dry fried sour jujube seed
Longan aril
Chinese red ginseng root and rhizome
Dong quai root
Saussurea root
Honey fried Chinese licorice root and rhizome
Ginger rhizome
Red jujube fruit

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