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  • ImmiFlex
    Contributes to normal function of the immune system! What is ImmiFlex? A dietary supplement with Wellmune WGP ® Betaglucan 1,3 / 1,6 and vitamin D3. The Betaglucans are made from a string of baker's yeast. (can be tolerated even if you have gluten / yeast allergy!) How does ImmiFlex work in the body? ImmiFlex with Wellmune WGP® m. Vitamin D3 activates the unspecific, congenital immune system and contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Once digested, Betaglucans are transported in the body from a particular area of ​​the small intestine. They are taken by a group of immune cells called macrophages and divided into smaller fragments that bind to another group of immune cells called neutrophils. It is the type of immune cells we have in most of the body. When neutrophils are activated by Wellmune WGP®, they circulate faster and strengthen the body's functions. ImmiFlex ® thus represents a new way of strengthening the immune system, but the starting point is actually thousands of years old. Since then, the human body has developed a way to combat yeast attacks, and this mechanism is activated by Wellmune in ImmiFlex ®. The Betaglucan "fool" the important immune cells neutrophils to believe that all enemy invaders in the body are yeast after which they are attacked and neutralized. Clinical research has been conducted within : Immune Health Allergy Stress Sports (Performance and Refund) Read more at
  • Renew Life
    Renew Life is a dietary supplement based on natural active ingredients from herbs, fiber and lactic acid bacteria. Focusing on nutrition, digestion and cleansing is supported and improved body condition. It is the renowned American nutrition expert, Brenda Watson, who has developed the products in the Renew Life series together with industry experts. Brenda is also a health counselor at Oprah Winfrey show, hoping to make a difference to the scary public health by giving the body the best quality of healthy products. Several of the products are best-selling in the health food industry in Sweden, Pure Cleanse is voted the best cleansing cut in the United States in 2014, and Fibresmart is the best-selling fiber product in the health food industry across North America. It's not without reason - look forward to trying some very exceptional products!
  • Vitamins & Probiotics
  • pH-Balance
  • Pascoflair
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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items