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The company Renew Life has been started by food counselor Brenda Watson. Throughout the 1990s, she established five natural health clinics specializing in helping people with complex health conditions. She soon came to a decisive recognition: there was simply not the right kind of products available that could help her patients. That's why she started compiling and producing her own in the brand "Renew Life", which is now the market leader in the United States and Canada. Brenda Watson is a big name in the United States and performs regularly as a nutrition and dietician at Oprah Winfrey show.

In 2017, Renew Life was acquired by The Clorox Company.

AcuPharma has the agency for all Renew Life products in the Danish market.


AcuPharma has since 1990 exclusively traded herbal and fungi products from the K'an Herb Company in the United States, one of the largest herbal producers in the United States and of course, subject to ongoing quality control by public authorities (FDA - Good Manufacturing Pracsis). All products are tested in an independent state-controlled laboratory to avoid heavy metals, pesticide residues and other harmful substances.

All herbal products are toxicologically assessed according to Danish legislation.

All products are based on the finest raw materials that are collected and processed after passed knowledge, dating back to 4000 years back in time. A large part of the products are being subjected to scientific studies in the West in these years where they seek to understand and explain their coherence.

AcuPharmas herbal products are based on a holistic view of life and traditional oriental principles adapted to Western life. Here, disease is interpreted as an imbalance in the body's energy system through which the energy of life, Qi, flows. The oriental philosophy is to restore the Qi balance so that energy again flows freely and the body has the best conditions for balancing.


The products in the series K'an Herbs, K'an Traditionals and Chinese Modular Solution are developed according to the ancient Chinese prescriptions, but adjusted for the Western world's lifestyles and diseases of, among others, Ted Kapchuk (O.M.D.), Efrem Korngold (L.Ac.O.M.D.) and Harriet Beinfeld (L.Ac.). All three aforementioned researchers are well-known lecturers all over the world, and Ted Kapchuk also researches in alternative treatment at Harvard University.


Fungi products Mycoherbs are also produced by K'an Herb Company. Our product range includes the Rei Shi fungus, whose immune enhancing properties are intensively researched in hospitals worldwide (including Denmark).


Renée Voltaire is Sweden's Claus Meyer in a female version!

An inspiring food rebel, who will redefine our food culture through healthy and innovative products. She has a positive attitude towards food and will inspire a green and healthier everyday life. The goal is to have as many organic products as possible and also a wide range of vegan, gluten and lactose free products. Renée never compromises on the quality of the products and personally selects all suppliers and manufacturers on their travels worldwide. She often chooses smaller producers / agriculture, taking into account both people and nature. In some cases, the products may be slightly more expensive than the competitors, but for Renée it is about integrity and it can not be graded.

In addition to the products with her name, René Voltaire's Madunivers include lectures and cookbooks. In Sweden, the products are sold throughout the ICA chain, and in Stockholm she has a delicious shop with fresh produce and a food workshop. In Denmark, you can find a larger selection of Renée Voltaire's products in health food stores, at the brand, in Magasin Kgs. Nytorv and in selected Menu stores.